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About Seaview

Seaview was first established by Flo Ellson in 1924. The original weatherboard building was replaced in 1929 with her brother Jack's help, using local limestone. In 1947 Flo's son Ivan, wife Mavis and children moved to Kangaroo Island to manage the business. The bay side motel wing was the first motel to be built on Kangaroo Island, and was opened in 1964 on the site of the original Seaview. In 1970 another wing was added and services upgraged. The Ellson family owned Seaview for almost 100 years before selling it to it's current owner in 2020. After this Seaview has been transformed into the morden coastal boutique motel still showcasing the vintage charm of it's past.


Our Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Seaview we take our role in protecting the beautiful natural habitat and environment of Kangaroo Island seriously. We are on a mission to make our rooms zero waste by using recycling programs and environmentally conscious products. We support brands that produce sustainablily sourced and made products and who have zero carbon footprint/offset their carbon footprint. These brands include:

'who gives a crap' for all our toilet paper, tissue boxes and dish washing cloths needs in our rooms. All of their products are made from recycled paper and 50% of all proceeds go to charity; they have raised $11,222,000 AUD so far to help people access clean water and a toilet.
Sukin skincare an Australian made eco-friendly and cruelty free skincare brand which has championed nature based, sustainable skincare products which we use at our motel for all bathroom amenities including shampoos, conditioners, body wash and hand wash.
Zoetic tea all Zoetic teas are organic certified, meaning no chemicals, pesticides or other nasties are sprayed on the crop itself. Their fairtrade certification ensures all workers that pick and pack the tea have decent working conditions as well. Along with their products being compostable and traceable to the its source of production.

ST. Remo Coffee alongside sourcing sustainable coffee, they are also committed to giving back and supporting coffee growing communities at origin. All they coffee pods used in our rooms are compostable including the packaging they come in. They also empower coffee growers at origin through funding education and infrastructure at the source

Our eco-friendly brand partners

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